Sustainable lodging

At Villa Monte we like to contribute to a better planet. For example, we strive for a greener hotel world and we are affiliated with Hotel for Trees, a great organization that plants a tree every time our guests skip room cleaning.

Policy statement

Both the management and all employees of Hotel Villa Monte take on the task of controlling the environmental impact on the one hand and also limiting the environmental risks on the other. A structural part of our corporate objectives is care for the environment. 

All employees of the hotel therefore undertake to perform their duties in accordance with the established procedures that fit within our company policy. We comply with Flemish environmental laws and regulations, but also want to go a step further. This includes the following:   

  • Hotel Villa Monte registers water and energy consumption. Based on this data, we can then continuously improve the infrastructure, but also the policy, and make it more economical. For example, all our showers are now equipped with saving heads while retaining the feeling of comfort, all our toilets have an adapted water regulation and we use rainwater recovery for watering our garden. 
  • We are also committed to minimizing waste and limiting the impact on air, water and soil as a result of our business operations through an effective environmental management system. In this context, we also train our employees to take care of the environment.  
  • We also try to sensitize our guests by, among other things, drawing attention to towel consumption. For more concrete applications, we would like to refer to our employees at the reception.
  • In order to apply our policy consistently and throughout the hotel, Hotel Villa Monte has therefore decided to implement the required measures in the context of the green key. 

Hotel Villa Monte will propagate this environmental policy to our employees and to our guests.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hotel Villa Monte sees Corporate Social Responsibility as an important part of sustainable growth. This means that we take our responsibility in society by applying CSR in words, in creative proposals, in solutions and with responsible behaviour. 

For Hotel Villa Monte, the Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on 3 pillars:

Taking responsibility within society

Hotel Villa Monte is committed to offering socially responsible and sustainable products and services to guests. Hotel Villa Monte helps guests to also achieve their CSR objectives during their presence in our company. Everything is done, within commercially sound limits, to prevent and otherwise minimize the burden on the environment where possible. 

Comply with laws and regulations 

Hotel Villa Monte meets at least all applicable laws and regulations in general and in the field of care for the environment and sustainability in particular. 

Strive for continuous improvement 

Hotel Villa Monte strives to continuously improve its performance in the field of occupational safety, sustainability and environmental care. 

Our CSR policy is based on 3 principles: 

People: Hotel Villa Monte complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding labor and working conditions.Hotel Villa Monte respects the applicable CLA(s) or industry-related CLA(s). Hotel Villa Monte has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to the training and development of its employees Hotel Villa Monte adheres to the general safety regulations applied by the company when carrying out its work and activities. Hotel Villa Monte has a preventive safety policy with the aim of striving for zero occupational accidents. The guests are of course also treated and received in a humane and dignified manner. It goes without saying that their safety is also a priority during their stay in our hotel. 

planet: Hotel Villa Monte respects the environment, the surroundings and nature. For this reason, it complies with all applicable national environmental laws and regulations. Hotel Villa Monte has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to the reduction of the amount of waste and its separate processing. Hotel Villa Monte has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to energy and emission reduction. 

Profit: Hotel Villa Monte and its employees will not act in any way contrary to fair business in all its facets. The company goal is to build a good relationship with the suppliers, guests and other relations. The relationship is based on trust, cooperation and sustainability.

More information?

You will undoubtedly find more information and inspiration on the site of the Green Key: http://www.groen